I have always been a foodie, being raised in the kitchen and having many fond memories from early childhood to my teens. I remember my father putting together his first restaurant and me playing with the tools and generally just getting in the way. At the age of 6, I began cooking with my dad making burgers and fries for my friends. After a few moves and a few different towns, all with great memories, our family settled in Osoyoos BC in 1991.

At the age of 14 I got my first job at a local burger joint and realized what a difference it was working for someone else. My father had always instilled a strong work ethic in my brothers and I and while my first job only lasted a season, I left with the knowledge of what kind of a boss I wanted to be. Later that year I began a 9 year journey with Smitty's and becoming a certified chef. After receiving my red seal in 2000, I explored a variety of culinary settings in Osoyoos before settling at the Sage Pub in 2003.

After many years at the Sage, the business flourished and so had my reputation as a chef. I started cooking classes at the Community Centre and was asked to help establish the salad bar program at the local schools. With the success of these endeavors, I realized it was time for my lifelong dream to take shape...to open my own family style restaurant in the community I love. After many many hours of hard work and the unconditional love and support of my family and friends, this dream is now a reality I welcome you all and hope you will enjoy the food as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you.

Chef Troy